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Over Active Bladder –Quality of Life Implications
OAB is a clinical syndrome defined as urgency with or without urge incontinence usually with frequency and nocturia. It is a common problem: one... Read More
Customers - We count on partnership!
We have strong alliances and partnerships locally and worldwide. We are recognized for our creative services and open communication. Our customers are inspired and appreciate our commitment. Customers are an integral part of our company.

Employees - Everybody counts!
We work with enthusiasm and meet our customers’ needs. We respect our staff members and advance and support their development. We seize opportunities and participate in the company’s success. We are organized in a network of independent “Winning Teams”.

Company - We are moving forward!
We are in control of our processes and continue to develop them. We set milestones with our advanced practices. We are present in attractive and important therapeutic markets in co-operation with strong partners, either through marketing and distribution or distribution alone.

Society - We are part of a network!
We make an effective contribution to human health by making available innovative, well-tolerated medicines. We are acknowledged by our customers, partners, the general public and the authorities as a dynamic, independent, well-respected and successful pharmaceutical marketing and distribution company. We have good contacts with the authorities of our market.

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