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Over Active Bladder –Quality of Life Implications
OAB is a clinical syndrome defined as urgency with or without urge incontinence usually with frequency and nocturia. It is a common problem: one... Read More
Chairman's Message
TCHERO,  the entrepreneurial Egyptian Pharmaceutical Marketing and Distribution Company, is enjoying its second decade of success. We embrace strong alliances and partnerships locally and worldwide, promoting and delivering beneficial, well-tolerated, high-value medicines – that is how we view our contribution to better health and improved quality of life. Our innovative, creative solutions repeatedly impress our customers and our partners.

We strive to enhance therapeutic success and patient well-being so that doctors and pharmacists can treat their patients both more effectively and in a more health-conscious way.

All of our services are based on a holistic view, placing the interests of our customers, employees, and stakeholders – and other targeted groups – at the centre of our attention. First class products, comprehensive services, and open communication are our foundation for our customers' satisfaction. We can offer many creative services and target-oriented two-way communication to help our clients in the treatment of their patients.

Our highly motivated employees add their friendly approach to our comprehensive portfolio for the benefit of our clients.

Nabil Bakhoum
Founder of Tchero
Hedy Bakhoum

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